bahn mi black bean burger with pickled vegetables

Whether you are at your alma mater rooting against your in-state rival or cheering on your favorite pro team, tailgating at football games is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and family having fun and eating some great food. 

Last year was sort of a year off from tailgating, but with football back again in full swing and stadiums allowing fans to return to the stands—tailgating season is back!  

As we say “welcome back to the tailgate” this season it will be more important than ever that your tailgating schmorgesborg is at the top of its game. After all, a tailgate is only as good as the food you serve up! 

Tailgating takes place outside in the fall and winter, so good tailgating food should be warm and easy to eat, something you can pick up and enjoy or easily scoop off a plate. 

This is why good tailgate food should fit into one of a few different categories: food from the grill, finger food, or Crockpot food. 

Because we have a whole year to make up for, we want this tailgate season to be the best one ever! 

Make sure your tailgate food spread is up for the task. Try including some of these easy and delicious Randall Beans recipes in your lineup!


Game Day Taco Pizza Cups

Finger food is always a welcomed sight at any tailgate, especially when these small bites are packed with big flavors. 

At home or at the tailgate, any game day celebration calls for these easy-to-make taco pizza cups! 

These game day appetizers are made from only a handful of simple ingredients and can easily be prepared at home right before you leave for the stadium. 

Just pop them in a container to keep them warm until you start serving them. Make sure you make enough though, these things can be addicting and won’t last long once hungry fans start showing up. Luckily, this recipe is easy to scale up as needed!


White Bean Jalapeño Popper Dip

A great dip is almost guaranteed to win over taste buds at your tailgate! 

Dips are great for scooping on a plate and snacking along with a variety of crackers and veggies. This dip recipe, in particular, is fantastic for game day because it draws inspiration from another familiar game day snack: jalapeno poppers! 

Loaded with cream cheese, spicy jalapeños, crispy bacon, all mixed together in an ultra-creamy white bean base, this dip is sure to please. Be sure you make extra!


Creamy White Chicken Chili Mac

Nothing says football like chili! It’s hearty, warm (perfect for enjoying outside during the fall), easy to prepare and bring along in a Crockpot, and can easily feed an army of raving football fans. 

White bean chicken chili gives the classic tomato-based dish a whole new flavor profile, but it goes equally well with macaroni, one of chili’s preferred sidekicks. This take on chili mac is creamy, savory, and will change the way you look at classic chili mac forever!



We are excited to be able to gather with friends, family, and fellow football fans at tailgates again this year, and look forward to a great season of high hopes and delicious food! 

Whether it’s at a tailgate or at home with friends and family, make sure every game day occasion is supplied with delicious food.