guilt-free desserts

The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to start making and enjoying delicious sweet treats!

However, trying to balance pleasure with healthy eating can be a bit of a challenge. We totally understand that sometimes, you want the sweet taste of dessert without the guilt or sugar crash that follows. 

First off, we want to say that as holidays roll around, it’s okay to let loose a little with family and friends—have fun! But keep in mind that moderation is still important.

Even though it’s ok to let loose a little more during the holidays, we still want to provide you with some dessert recipes that will take a little of the guilt—and maybe the “food coma”—out of the equation. 

The secret? Make desserts that incorporate beans! It sounds kind of crazy but believe us, beans add a creamy and nutty flavor to desserts while improving their fiber and protein content.

Here are 3 delicious AND guilt-free dessert recipes you can make at home!

Try these recipes out, and let the deliciousness speak for itself.


White Bean Pumpkin Blondies

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, pumpkin is a great flavor to incorporate into your desserts!

Our white bean pumpkin blondies pack some extra nutritious ingredients into a sweet and tasty classic recipe. They’re made with coconut flour as well, meaning health-conscious folks and people with gluten-free diets alike can enjoy!

They’re quick to make and will be an amazing fall crowd-pleaser!


Guilt-Free Chunky Cookie dough with White Beans

Cookie dough with high protein and fiber content? Yes, please! 

This delicious recipe incorporates mashed white beans in place of flour, but don’t worry, it tastes just as yummy as the real thing!

Don’t be afraid to mix up your add-ins. Try raisins, dried cranberries, or chopped dates to add some different flavor notes. This recipe is perfect for sharing with others, or keeping for yourself!


White Bean Sugar Cream Pie

If you’re from the Midwest, you definitely recognize sugar cream pie. You also probably recognize that the original recipe is far from healthy.

To help you enjoy this yummy treat with a little less guilt, try out our white bean sugar cream pie!

This recipe gives you the same flavor as the real thing, but with a little more protein and fiber to make you feel good about it!

It’s great for any occasion, especially with the holidays coming up.



Go into this fall and winter holiday season with desserts that will pack a lot of flavor and nutrition!

Remember, they’re still dessert, so consume in moderation! However, they’re designed with a little extra consumption in mind, so be sure to enjoy guilt-free.