Whether you are having a first date with a new crush, or if you’re looking to have a fun night in with your long-term lover, it’s always fun to wow them with good food!

It never hurts your chances at love when you whip up a great dish. This act of service shows you care, shows your effort, and after all—who doesn’t love to be around a good cook? 

However, we totally understand that trying your hand at something new (or trying a new recipe for someone you have goo-goo eyes for) can be a bit nerve-racking. That’s why we’ve assembled this list of easy date night dinner recipes! They’re relatively easy to make, super fun to cook, and they’ll be sure to wow your special person. Keep reading to check them out!


Italian Bean Soup

This is an easy, cheap, yet flavorful dish that will make a great addition to your date night. It’s simple, yet fancy enough since it’ll be home-made. Whether you want to use this dish as an appetizer to a more sophisticated main course, or if this will be the entree, it will be sure to satisfy!

The Italian bean soup recipe uses our Randall Great Northern and Pinto Beans, giving a rich, firm texture to this wonderful flavor profile. The dish is packed with classic Italian spices, and even includes a homemade basil pesto recipe to top your bowl off with! Click the name of the recipe above to get the details and start cooking.


Beachside White Bean and Kale Burgers

Why not do burgers on date night? Don’t worry, your chin won’t be dripping with grease; these delicious burgers are made with white beans! They pack a lot of flavors, delivering the savory and fresh aspect of a burger you crave without the heavy, bloated feeling after. In other words, you won’t fall asleep in a “food coma” while watching a movie after dinner. 

Since bean burgers lack the grease in regular hamburgers, you’ll want to make sure you oil your grill grates to keep your burgers from sticking to the grates. White bean burgers are also more delicate than beef burgers, so use a wide spatula and flip them gently so they don’t break apart on the grill. Serve them on a whole wheat bun with all of your favorite toppings! Click the name of the recipe above to get the details and start cooking.


Mexican Steak with Salsa Verde and Healthy Refried Beans

This dish requires a bit more skill, but we’d still place it under the “easy” category! When you prepare this amazing dinner, your date will be more than impressed. This recipe puts a fun, zesty twist on the steak dinner date night classic. 

Our healthy refried beans make for a great side dish to the spicy, delicious steak. Plus, the array of colors and the salsa verde give this meal an aesthetic presence that’ll really make you look like a pro. Click the name of the recipe above to get the details and start cooking.


DIY Chocolate Hummus

Dessert, please! Whether you want to make this your main snack for the night, or if you want a fun homemade dessert after your main course, this chocolate hummus is the way to go. 

It’s made with easy-to-find ingredients and healthy beans, so you won’t have to stress about bouncing around between different grocery stores trying to find what you need. This recipe calls for chickpeas, but you can easily make it with Randall Great Northern Beans as well! They’ll blend incredibly well, and will provide that same delicious, creamy texture you desire. 

Served with strawberries, Nilla wafers, graham crackers, pretzels, and crushed candy canes for a garnish—this chocolate hummus will be almost as sweet as you are. Awwwww! Click the name of the recipe above to get the details and start cooking.