Creamy Cauliflower White Bean Soup

Packed with nutrition and flavor, this creamy soup from The Harvest Kitchen is filling, delicious, and surprisingly low-calorie. Because we use blended Randall Great Northern beans in place of milk or cream, this dish is also vegan-friendly—just skip the cheese or add your own alternative.

Spicy White Bean & Sweet Corn Gazpacho

This spicy gazpacho dish from Vegetarian Ventures can be served as a light appetizer or as a rich and hearty meal when served with salad, bread, or pasta. With flavorful tomatoes, corn, and creamy spoonfuls of Randall Great Northern Beans, this recipe will become an easy favorite.

Cajun Rice and White Beans Recipe

Connect with your Southern roots—or try something entirely new—with this easy recipe from emeals that will have a meal on the table in less than an hour. Add some extra heat with more cayenne pepper, your favorite hot sauce, or spicy andouille sausages.