Randall Pinto Beans and Hot Dog Delight

This is a delicious, but very affordable dish. Scoring the hot dogs and broiling them elevates them to a whole new level, and the additional ingredients make for a scrumptious meal. This gluten-free recipe makes a filling single serving; you can easily scale it up to feed as many people as you wish! Each forkful of a bit of hot dog, cheesy bean mixture, guacamole, and sour cream will tantalize all of your taste buds.

Sweet Potato And White Bean Breakfast Bars

Sweet potatoes and white beans are not typical breakfast bar ingredients. Most recipes call for sugar and butter to create a classic breakfast bar texture. This recipe changes things up by using Randall Great Northern Beans and baked sweet potatoes to give you an even more delicious—and healthy!—alternative to traditional breakfast bars. Grab a glass of milk, a cup of coffee, or a cup of tea, and enjoy!

Flourless White Bean Coffee Cake

Baking with Randall Great Northern Beans is becoming popular. Those who have tried it understand why Randall Great Northern Beans are such an amazing substitute for less-healthy ingredients. This coffee cake recipe is a moist, protein-packed, craving-satisfying testament to what you can achieve with grain-free baking!