Pinto Bean Salad With Corn

Don’t you love a salad that can also function as a main course? This hearty and refreshing pinto bean salad with corn fills both roles equally well. It also combines beans and corn for a perfect protein-rich pairing. Serve it as a main or a side, and watch your party guests devour plate after plate!

Frito Salad

Frito salad is famous in the South, but this isn’t your standard Frito salad! This healthy twist uses Randall Pinto Beans with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, and avocado for a mouthwatering dish that could come straight out of your summer garden!

Grilled Caesar Salad

Have you ever tried grilled romaine lettuce? This creative salad combines smoky and fresh flavors for a delicious new spin on summer grill-outs. Better still, this crunchy, savory Caesar salad would pair well with almost anything else you’d want to toss on the grill!...