Ever thought yoga looked fun but then talked yourself out of it? Most images you see of yoga feature a super-thin model in expensive clothes twisted up like a pretzel on a beach. Not exactly the best way to entice people to try it out when it looks so hard. Being hard is just one of the yoga myths to deter you from trying it for the first time. Yoga isn’t as difficult as you’ve made it out to be and it’s easy to make it a part of your workout routine once you understand the basics. Well, we’re here to bust those myths and show you how yoga is for everyone.

Myth 1: You Need to be Flexible

Your flexibility doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. Beginner yoga focuses on balance and you’ll gain flexibility naturally over time as you continue to practice. If you’re really worried about not being able to hold poses, you can use a yoga block and strap to make it easier while you work on your flexibility. Can’t touch your toes? That’s okay! Just do your best and keep pushing yourself a little further each time and you’ll get there.

Myth 2: You Need a Class

Yoga classes can be time consuming, and it can feel little uncomfortable to start from scratch in a class setting. If the commitment of a class is keeping you from trying yoga, you can easily practice in the comfort of your own home with instructional DVDs or online videos and a mat. Yoga companies make DVDs for all skill levels and most come packaged with multiple sessions and skill levels so you work up to harder poses and routines.

Myth 3: It’s Not a Good Workout

Want to vary up your workouts? Try yoga. It won’t burn the same amount of calories that you get from cardio workout, but yoga gives you a chance to focus on your flexibility and balance. It may look like you’re just standing still and stretching your arms and legs apart, but those poses actually target all of your major muscle groups and increases your endurance and muscle strength. You’ll notice how much stronger you are during your next cardio session.

Living a healthy lifestyle is easier when you include exercise that benefits the body and mind along eating right. Meals full of complex carbs and protein fuels your body with the energy you need to stay active. This bean salad features protein-packed pinto beans along with power greens for a light and filling meal perfect after a yoga session to give you a boost of energy.


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