Fall is finally here, our favorite time of year! Not only is it the perfect time of year to enjoy some of our favorite recipes like soups, stews, casseroles and chili, but fall has some of the best holidays. Particularly, Halloween.

Spooky movies, fun costumes, delicious candy – what’s not to love? But, don’t forget about the Halloween party. A Halloween party can be tons of fun, invite your friends, make some good food and spook up your home with some decorations. Fake cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns are pretty standard, but for this year’s Halloween party, why not take a new approach with homemade decorations?

After you’re done making all those delicious recipes we were talking about with Randall Beans, you will definitely have more than a few empty jars sitting around. Don’t throw them out! They are the perfect item for homemade decorations and crafts.

We found some delightful and spooky Halloween-inspired crafts that you can easily do at home using your leftover jars of Randall Beans that you can use for Halloween party decorations or fun crafts.


Candy Corn Jars

Some people don’t like candy corn, but no one can deny the iconic candy corn colors as a Halloween tradition! This fun idea from Mason Jar Crafts is a perfect seasonal decoration for displaying flowers and any number of other decorations. All you need is an empty Randall Beans jar of any size and yellow, orange and white spray paint. Finish it off with some fake flowers painted black and you’ve got a spooky bouquet to display.


Ghosts in a Jar

This jar decoration from Landeelu is the perfect mix of cute and spooky. Although one of the more complex crafts on our list, this is not only a great decoration for your Halloween party but a fun arts and crafts project for kids! With some assorted pieces of wood, glue, a cloth and a simple Sharpie pen, you can easily prepare these adorable ghosts in a jar to scatter around your home. This one is probably best done with one of our 48-oz. jars to give yourself the most room while setting up your ghost.


Halloween Jar Luminaries

One of the most common jar arts and crafts are candles and luminaries (jars are the perfect vessel) so you better believe we found a great Halloween-themed one to make for your party. This one comes from Classy Clutter and is as simple as it is fun. Using stencils or tape, mark your message off on a couple jars and give it a good coat of frosted glass finish. Finish it up with any spooky additions you want like cobwebs or fake spiders, add the candle and watch your Halloween message glow.


Halloween Gift Jars

An easy way to use your leftover jars? Give them away! Giving your spare jars a little decoration and filling up with your favorite candies (it doesn’t have to be candy corn) turn them into terrific thank you gifts for people who attended your party. Yesterday on Tuesday goes the extra mile, adding a cute little crow on top, but you can change it up or leave the top off completely depending on your skill or desire. Just tape over a section, blast it with some paint, add decorations, fill it with candy and hand them out as a fun and cute treat for guests.

Looking for other great uses for your leftover jars? Try some of these fun ideas for your next 4th of July party or prepare some tasty make-ahead salads for lunch!

And if you are running low on Randall Beans, don’t forget to stock up! Check your local grocery store or have our fabulous jars of beans shipped straight to your door.

Scare up some fun with jars from Randall Beans.