We’ve helped you out with crafts for the 4th of July and for your Halloween party. Now it’s time to bring a little joy to the world (and to your home) with some fun holiday crafts using your leftover Randall Beans jars. Honestly, when isn’t a great time to get a little crafty?

So set aside a little time with the family this holiday season for fun crafts. Or, just use them as a way to keep the kids busy. Your choice! Happy Holidays!


Christmas Tree Jar Votive

Jars are a great way to create fun and unique luminaries, whether you go the super simple or super intricate route. This craft idea from Mason Jar Crafts is more the former than the latter, requiring just a little bit of paint and tape. Shingle a few pieces of tape, trace out and cut a cute seasonal design, like a snowflake or tree, put it on your Randall Beans jar and paint over it with your favorite seasonal color. Remove the tape and fill the jar with salt or rice for “snow” and finish it off with a small candle.


Winter Luminaries: Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

That one was easy, but if you want to step up your jar luminaries game, give this craft from Crafts by Amanda a try! This one requires a little more intricacy and unique supplies, such as lace, twine, pinecones and Snowtex. This one may take a little bit more work, but the result is something truly beautiful to behold: a perfect winter landscape stored in a Randall Beans jar. Again, use salt or rice for “snow,” light a candle and be amazed.


Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes

A snow globe in a jar? Impossible, right? No way! Use these instructions from Whipper Berry. All you need is a fake, miniature Christmas tree (she found them at Big Lots), some glue, faux snow and, of course, a medium to large Randall Beans jar. Unlike these other holiday crafts, this one is not best suited for our smaller jars. Invert the jar, glue the tree to the lid, add the fake snow and give it a shake! You’ll have the perfect and most adorable decoration for this time of the year.


Elf Jar Christmas Gifts

Need a fun gift for Christmas party guests or something quick to stuff your friends and families stockings? How about the adorable gift idea from Polkadot Chair?! All you need are a couple buttons and a bag of green M&Ms. They are pretty easy to find in bulk this time of year. Fill up one of our jars with everyone’s favorite green candy and glue the buttons to the outside. Finish it off with any additional decorations like jingle bells, twine or fabric to create a candy elf jar for friends and family.

Need some more jars to make some of these crafts or some of our delicious recipes this holiday season? Our jars are located in grocery stores across the Midwest. But, if you can’t find them near you, just have them shipped straight to your door from our online store!