Simple Hearty Bean and Sausage Cassoulet

Need a big, hearty, warm recipe to please a crowd with on a chilly winter or autumn evening? A cassoulet may be the answer you are looking for! A staple in French cuisine, a cassoulet is a tasty combination of elements of a casserole and a stew. It normally features...

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Hearty Pinto Bean Salad

Salad is kind of a hard sell during the early spring weather. When it's cold outside, we often crave something warm and filling. While that's natural, it is still important to at least try and eat healthy during the winter time. A nice winter salad can be just the...

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Everyday Sausage & Chicken Paella with Great Northern Beans

By Ashleigh Evans of Don’t let paella intimidate you! Paella, while delicious, seems to sometimes intimidate chefs because of it's vibrant ingredients (particularly saffron) and it's notorious large portion. Our food blogger Ashleigh has put together a...

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Warm Bean Salad Recipes

Salads seem a little out of place during cold weather, right. In the cold, you want hearty, warm and filling. Salads are meant for the summertime... Not so fast! While salads are definitely more summer food, there are ways to make salads more accommodating to the...

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White Bean Colcannon

By Rachel Wilhelm Is there a dish that says Ireland more than colcannon? The traditional Irish dish consists of mashed potatoes made with either kale or cabbage and is so well-loved that even has a song written about it. No, really! Well, with St. Patrick's Day right...

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Leftover Turkey Soup with Great Northern Beans

Got some extra leftover turkey hanging around from family dinner? Don't box yourself in with a boring leftover turkey sandwich meal. Turn that leftover turkey into something special with the help of Randall Beans! Got a 48-oz. jar or two of Randall Beans Great...

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