Bahn Mi Bean Salad

A colorful green, yellow and red Bahn Mi Bean salad on a long white plate,

Nothing says "Spring is back" like a fresh, tangy salad for lunch or as a dinner starter. To welcome back warmer weather and brighter skies, we're happy to present this bean-centric take on an old Vietnamese classic. While Bahn Mi traditionally represents any sort of bread in the Vietnamese … [Read more...]

Moroccan Couscous with Great Northern Beans

Do you yearn to travel but your budget won't allow it? There's nothing holding you back from bringing exotic tastes and experiences straight to your dinner table. This classic Moroccan dish will have you dreaming of the Casbah without leaving the comforts of your home. A traditional Moroccan … [Read more...]

Randall’s Winter Bean Roundup

The Winter months are a time for family gatherings, celebration, and lots of great food. Planning wintertime meals means preparing hearty helpings and big, warm dishes for all of your loved ones to share. Cooking in the kitchen with your family should be a fun and festive experience. These recipes … [Read more...]

Greek Beans Recipe – Aegean Pita Sandwich

Are you Olympics obsessed? If so, you probably know the current count on which country is winning the most medals and which records have been broken. Have you noticed that the weather in Sochi for the "Winter" games seems to be relatively balmy while back home we are repeatedly slammed by storms … [Read more...]

The Best Bean Sandwiches

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches only fill you up for so long. It's time to stop making the same, boring, blah sandwiches for lunch everyday and get creative with new and exciting recipes. These bean sandwich recipes are flavorful, but won't leave you feeling hungry again around 2 o'clock. Stop … [Read more...]

New England Bean Chowder

This unusual chowder recipe features Randall Great Northern Beans for a new twist on an old favorite. A traditional New England clam chowder is milk or cream-based and has a much thicker consistency than other chowders. New England clam chowder is always made with potatoes, onions and clams, never … [Read more...]

Wonderful White Chicken Chili Recipes

Not everyone is a fan of traditional chili recipes that are made with tomatoes, ground beef and red kidney beans. That's where white chili comes in. White chili uses white beans and features either chicken breast or turkey meat as the main source of protein. There are plenty of different variations … [Read more...]

Great Northern Beans with Ham and Cornbread

When it comes to preparing a meal for dinner, sometimes it's best to leave the five-star recipes to the professional chefs. Every now and then you just need a good ol' hearty helping of Randall Great Northern Beans with ham and cornbread. It's a simple dish with a down-home taste. It's easy to make, … [Read more...]

Easy to Make Mexican Wrap Recipes

When your lunch is starting to taste drab or dull, you need to switch up your meal to something more exciting. Enough of the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, it's time to experiment with some new flavors. These delicious and filling Mexican recipes are all really easy to make for lunch and are … [Read more...]

Creamy White Bean Soup

The polar vortex is back and colder than ever. Did it ever even really leave? No matter how many layers of sweaters, socks and scarves you pile on, you still cannot escape the cold. The only remedy for these brutally, bone chilling days is a thick and creamy white bean soup. The combination of … [Read more...]