Elegant Beans: Lobster Bisque with White Bean Sherry Puree

Lobster Bisque with White Bean Puree

This is a white bean recipe fit for serving with good china, cloth napkins, and candle light. It will take some planning and work on your part, but the result will be worth it. A spoonful of white bean sherry puree is a healthy substitute for the heavy cream that's usually served with bisque. If … [Read more...]

Super Food Kale and White Bean Soup

Soup with Kale and White Beans

You may know that beans are one of nature's healthiest foods, with tons of protein, fiber and iron. But there's one food that might outstrip even beans for the healthiest food title: kale. This dark, leafy green scores a perfect 1,000 on the Aggregate Nutrition Density Index, which measures … [Read more...]

Take a Break: Bean Salad for Lunch

Bringing lunch to work is an economical and healthy alternative to buying take-out. However, it can be a challenge to think of new and exciting foods to bring to the office. Bean salads are easy to prepare and very versatile. Here is a collection of bean salad recipes that are tasty enough to keep … [Read more...]

Quick Meals for Busy Days

Let's face it, with your hectic schedule, it can difficult to get  home cooked meal on the dinner table at a decent hour. Between working late and running kids to activities it is easier, but not as healthy to pick up fast food on the way home or serve the same old chicken and a baked potato over … [Read more...]

Perfect Bean Enchiladas

Beans of all sorts feature prominently into classic Mexican cooking, whether they're slowly stewed or used in a bright, fresh salsa. This week, we're focusing on one of the most popular dishes we know: enchiladas. A tender tortilla wrapped around savory filling, topped with sauce and smothered in … [Read more...]

Randall Booze Beans

Isn't it great when you can wow your guests with a side dish? The addition of a trendy ingredient or unfamiliar flavor can take a recipe to the next level. Dinner guests will be wondering what the secret ingredient is and you'll be smiling at their guesses. Our Randall booze beans are definitely … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Bean Recipes for Meat-Free Main Courses

Many of us get the bulk of our protein from meats like beef, chicken and pork, but there are so many other ways to get protein. Beans pack a huge amount of nutrition into a tiny package, including a healthy dollop of protein. That means you get the energy and muscle-building benefits of meat without … [Read more...]

Fire Up The Grill

Grilling out makes getting dinner on the table a snap during the summer. Almost anything tastes great grilled and you'll have a meal everyone will devour in no time. Grills are typically low maintenance, but they do require some general care to ensure your food taste its best. Not only will your … [Read more...]

Vegan Roasted Garlic and Dill Bean Spread

Bean Spread

We love white beans because of their versatility. They can serve as a main dish or cook down into something as simple as a delicious bean spread. This garlicky twist on a classic cool bean spread is easy to whip up and lasts in your fridge for snacking. You can even use it instead of mayonnaise in … [Read more...]

Unique White Bean Recipes

Traditional white bean recipes are comforting but you can do so much more with a jar of beans than the standard pot of beans and rice. Let's be honest, Betty Crocker recipes aren't exactly innovative so it's exciting to see your favorite white beans used in new ways. Beans lend themselves to any … [Read more...]