Creamy but Healthy White Bean Soup

It's time to curl up around the fire with a bowl of something warm and satisfying. Searching for recipes, you might find tons that call for sinful amounts of cream or butter. While those things are arguably delicious, they can be too heavy and fattening for everyday use. That's where beans come … [Read more...]

Randall Beans Provencal

We love this recipe so much, it used to be printed on the labels for our Great Northern Beans. There's a new recipe in its place, but we still pull this one out all the time when we're in the mood for a side dish that's hearty without being heavy. Looking at some of these ingredients, you may be … [Read more...]

Boston Baked Beans


For many people, Boston baked beans are the quintessential baked bean recipe. They bring together smokey bacon, spicy cloves and sweet brown sugar, along with tender white beans, slow-cooked until they reach thick, sticky perfection. But why are they called Boston baked beans? It turns out that … [Read more...]

Turkey and Bean Chili Recipes

Although we could eat chili any time of year, there's something about cold weather that makes a big bowl of chili the perfect food for fall. While ground beef is a classic to go with bean chili, turkey offers a leaner alternative. Plus, we've got a sneaking suspicion that later this month, you might … [Read more...]

Creative Bean Side Dish Recipes

Stuck in a side dish rut? Tired of the same old mac and cheese, rice or green bean side dishes? It's time for something new and different. Beans make an ideal side dish. Their neutral flavor makes them a great way to showcase bold spices and fresh herbs, and they're a healthy way to incorporate more … [Read more...]

Randall Apple Bean Bake

Our Randall Apple Bean Bake is one of our most popular recipes. People are always asking how to put together this sweet and tangy treat. The addition of apples to baked beans might seem surprising to some, but it's a New England classic.  Tart, firm Granny Smith apples are the same kind you'd put in … [Read more...]

Texas Pinto Beans

Are you a barbecue master looking for a way to beat the chill this season? If you live for firing up a smoker or making the perfect rack of ribs and are dealing with grilling withdraws, you know that no hunk of meat is complete without a side dish. The perfect accompaniment to smokey, delicious meat … [Read more...]

Year End Leftovers: Turkey and Bean Soup

turkey soup

The year is almost over and you've likely got plenty of Tupperware and cooking pots still filled with yummy holiday leftovers to eat. All of the friends and family have gone back home and you're left figuring out how to not let your Christmas turkey go to waste. Luckily, Randall Beans has a … [Read more...]

Bean Soups for the Soul

Winter is officially here! The colder months tend to bring snow, snow and well, more snow. All of the fresh powder takes us outdoors for activities like sledding, skiing, snowman building and snowball throwing. Those activities can certainly help you build up an appetite. A great meal to make after … [Read more...]

Ham Bone and Bean Soup Recipe

Your relatives have left and the house is finally quiet. As you clean up from the holidays, are you asking yourself what do to with all of the leftovers? The holiday ham was great and you've had ham sandwiches for a few days, but it's wearing out it's welcome. There are only so many ways to make ham … [Read more...]