Summertime Bean Salsa Recipes

Are you bored of the same recipes you bring to every pitch-in barbecue and gathering? Salsa is the perfect addition to any summer festivity. Whether you like spicy, mild or just plain refreshing, these inventive and delicious recipes will amp up your meals this season. Bean salsa is satisfying and … [Read more...]

White Bean Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing: Summer Bean Salad

randall jar

Bean salads hit the spot this time of year. They're refreshing, tasty and super simple to whip up. This recipe is the perfect combination of flavorful vinaigrette dressing and smooth Randall Beans. This savory summer bean salad is always a hit with our family and is a winner at big gatherings, … [Read more...]

Beans in a Vegan Diet


Step away from those protein supplements and shakes. People following a vegan diet typically don't take in as much protein as others, but there are more nutritious and less torturous ways of upping your protein intake. One cup of beans in a vegan diet is enough protein to substitute that chalky, … [Read more...]

Greek White Bean Salad


Bean salads don't just have to be a side dish-they can be the star of your meal with the right ingredients and finesse. On a recent weekend when heating up the stove seemed like way too much work, we threw together a quick salad. The Great Northern white beans are filling enough that, when … [Read more...]

Light Lunches: Easy Salads with Beans

It's a lazy weekend at home, and you need a light lunch to get you through the afternoon. Or maybe you want to pack something to eat at work that won't leave you feeling heavy and tired all afternoon. Whatever the case, a light salad fortified with beans is just the thing you need. Dark, leafy … [Read more...]

Smart Ways to Get Kids to Eat More Veggies

You know kids should be eating lots of healthy vegetables, but what's a busy mom or dad to do when Junior only wants to eat chicken nuggets? Beans offer a great opportunity to sneak veggies into kids' favorite dishes in a way they'll love. Here are just a few suggestions to get your kids saying … [Read more...]

If You Can’t Stand the Heat: Summer Bean Recipes

Summer heat and humidity can make cooking a chore. Turning on the oven or the stove is the last thing you want with the sun beating in. We've found some summer bean recipes that will make your summertime cooking more enjoyable and heat-free: Tuscan Chicken and White Bean Salad This fresh bean … [Read more...]

Vegan Bean Spread Sandwich Recipes

Stuck in a sandwich-making rut? Try something different by adding bean spread to your next sandwich. Bean spread can act as a condiment on your favorite sandwich, replacing boring old mayonnaise and mustard while adding a shot of flavor and protein. Bean spread can also stand on its own in … [Read more...]

Smoky Sweet Chorizo Baked Beans with Duke’s Jerky

Baked beans are a cookout's best friend. They perfectly compliment anything cooked up on the old smoky irons- whether it be a set of juicy steaks, some hand-pressed hamburgers, or hearty bratwurst links. We've partnered with our friends at Duke's Meats in Colorado to bring you this killer 4th of … [Read more...]

Cool Down with Chilled Thai White Bean Chowder with Corn and Cucumber

Chilled Thai White Bean Chowder with Corn and Cucumber

Chilled chowders and soups are a refreshing and delicious addition to any summer menu. Inspired by classic Thai flavors like lemon grass and coconut milk, this chilled white bean chowder is at once cool and fiery with the addition of jalapeno and white pepper. The white bean chowder is lightly … [Read more...]