Pasta and Bean Soup


This great pasta and bean soup is complemented by the flavors of savory prosciutto, garlic, onion and tomato. It's heartier than most soups because it uses macaroni pasta for a base. Heading into the fall, this will be a tasty soup to keep handy. [amd-yrecipe-recipe:53] … [Read more...]

Green Bean & Great Northern Bean Casserole

Green Bean & Great Northern Bean Casserole 2

A little bean history for you: Great Northern Beans were not originally cultivated in North America. Industrious South American Indian farmers cultivated the beans, where they spread throughout South and Central America. Eventually, Spanish explorers brought them to North America, where they became … [Read more...]

Randall Bean Spread

As we move closer to fall, it's time to bust out the chips, dips and finger foods. This simple and easy bean spread is the perfect addition to any get-together. Perfect for sharing, just blend your favorite Randall beans with pepper, onion, herbs and spices until smooth. Set out some crackers and … [Read more...]

Senate Great Northern Bean Soup


Did you know that every day in the United States Senate cafeteria, they serve a bean soup? The aptly named Senate Bean Soup consists of beans, ham and mashed potatoes; it originally cost .15¢ in 1940 per bowl ($3.60 today). Legend has it that if the Cold War were ever to escalate enough that the … [Read more...]

Kale White Bean Vegetable Soup

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We're entering into the last days of summer, where the humidity is high and the days seem to last forever. Kids pick up their knapsacks and head back to schools, hopefully with a nutritious meal in their lunchboxes! Now, since you're thinking of school lunches or possibly work lunches, let us … [Read more...]

A Randall Beans History


A little while ago, we got a lovely letter from a Randall family member, Scott Randall. He shared with us his memories of working in the factory as a child and a teenager and how much he really loved the business his great-grandparents started. In his note, Scott promised to send us some pictures … [Read more...]

Snack Time White Bean Spread


Ready for a snack? Try this White Bean Spread! Pairing perfectly with fresh cut veggies and pita chips, this spread is a great alternative to other, more fatty, dips and spreads. This recipe is definitely of the make-ahead variety. It really needs to be refrigerated for a day so the flavors of … [Read more...]

Italian White Beans

A luscious bean dish with Italian origins. Serve these Italian white beans as a perfect accompaniment for grilled lamb or pork chops, or anytime you need a hearty and healthy bean dish to perk up the dinner plate.       [amd-yrecipe-recipe:38]   … [Read more...]

Great Northern Bean Cassoulet


So, what's a cassoulet? Good question! A cassoulet is a French slow-cooked casserole. The name comes from the type of dish the cassoulet is traditionally cooked in, a cassole, which is a round, deep pot with a tapered base and a flared top. The variety of meats in this dish, including lamb, pork … [Read more...]

White Bean Pate


While most people may think of pâté as containing meats like duck or chicken, it can actually be made vegetarian by using beans in place of the meats. (Beans, they can be made into anything!) By using Randall's Great Northern White Beans, plus thyme, coriander and basil, you get a flavor that's a … [Read more...]