What’s for Dinner? Beans!

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Roasted Tomato Stacks with White Bean Puree

tomato burger

It's summer and there's plenty of great produce to be had at farm stands and grocery stores, and we're going to make the most of it, intensifying the sweetness of corn and tomatoes by roasting them low and slow. Roasting carmelizes sugar inside of veggies, making them sweet and tender. Think of it … [Read more...]

Summer Baked Beans Recipes


You can't really enjoy summer without a big cookout and no cookout is complete without baked beans! Whether you like your baked beans sweet and sassy or rich and savory, there's a recipe to satisfy the hungriest of crowds. We collected all of our favorite baked bean recipes for you that will make … [Read more...]

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Bean Recipes: Pairing Proteins and Beans

If you like to keep you house well stocked with delicious meal starters, you've got your jar of Randall Deluxe Pinto Beans, Great Northern White Beans or Mixed Beans stowed away, waiting for a great recipe. While bean soup or other main dishes are great, you want to let the beans be the back-up … [Read more...]

Feijoada with White Beans

Looking to spice up your next dinner time meal by adding a Latin twist? We've got the perfect bean and meat dish for you. Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil and can be found at most Brazilian restaurants. Fejoida literally translated means "bean" and has been a Portuguese favorite for hundred … [Read more...]

Beans are “Swimsuit Season” Friendly

After surviving the Winter of 2013-2014, it's hard to believe it's summer. Is your body swimsuit ready? Beans are your answer. Research suggests that eating a cup of beans a day can help you lose weight. That's right- your bikini body is a jar of beans away! Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD suggests a … [Read more...]

Healthy Pizza Recipes: Just Add Beans

It's all too easy to pick up the phone and order yet another pizza delivery. STOP! Put down the phone. Pizza's so much better when you make it at home. Add a few pizza crusts to your next shopping list. By making pizza in your own home, you can control the ingredients, the fat content and the … [Read more...]

Baked Beans á la Charente

Summer is baked bean season. They are the perfect companion to cookout favorites like barbeque ribs, slow cooked pork or good old fashioned hot dogs. For this Summer though, we've got a delicious and fancy take on this cookout favorite. Join us on this tasty journey to the French region of Charente … [Read more...]

Beans for Dessert? Sweet Bean Recipes

Bean recipes for baked goods? Believe it or not, baking with beans can have some sweet results. Beans give a creaminess and fattiness to cookies, cakes, pies and brownies that means you need to use less oil, shortening or butter. Don't believe us? Give one of these sweet treats a try, and tell us … [Read more...]