In case you don’t have enough fame in your life, we’re bringing you a collection of pinto bean recipes developed by celebrity chefs from the Food Network. Since television chefs are accomplished entertainers as well as recognized professional cooks, we recommend you give the following pinto bean recipes a try by adding some celebrity flourishes of your own. Break out that toque you’ve always wanted to wear or start channeling your inner Julia Child. Bon appetite!


Pinto Bean with Burnt Ends from Bobby Flay

The “burnt ends” in this recipe are actually the brisket points from a Texas style brisket (the recipe is included here). Bacon and brown sugar give the pinto beans a strong smoky-sweet flavor.


Stretch a Buck Turkey and Bean Burritos from Rachael Ray

The name almost says it all. The turkey in this recipe is a nice change from beef and it takes on all the flavors you put into it. Don’t let the long ingredient list keep you from giving this a try. Also, if you want to reduce carbs, omit the buns and serve the pinto bean turkey mixture in large lettuce leaves.


Chipotle Tamale Pie from Ingrid Hoffman

A twist on the traditional tamale which is usually wrapped in a corn husk, tamale pie gives the same flavor without as much work. Layered with turkey, pinto beans and cornbread, tamale pie is a great weeknight dinner. Add a salad or some corn chips and guacamole for a more substantial meal.


Who knew pinto beans could be so glamorous?

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