Since we began offering our Ultimate 4 Bean Mix in 2019, our devoted Randall Beans fans have expressed their love for our newest variety! The winning combination of our Black, Great Northern, Pinto, and Dark Red Kidney beans in a perfectly-balanced bean mix that fits perfectly into just about any recipe.

We will soon be updating the jars of our Ultimate 4 Bean Mix to include a featured recipe, but we need your help, dear Randall Beans fans. You have no doubt tried this bean mix for yourself in your kitchens cooking one of our recipes or something of your own creation, so we want your help deciding which recipe is worthy of gracing the labels of our jars.

Below we have gathered a few of our most popular Ultimate 4 Bean Mix recipes and want to know which one is your favorite! Let us know on Facebook or send us a message and your favorite recipe may just end up on our new jars.

mixed bean pasta fagioli

Mixed Bean Pasta Fagioli

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homemade baked beans made with Randall Mixed Beans

Bacon & BBQ Baked Beans

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fiesta mixed bean salad served on a summer day

Fiesta Mixed Bean Salad with Creamy Avocado Poblano Dressing

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cowboy caviar dip with mixed beans

Cowboy Caviar

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Do you have your own favorite original Ultimate 4 Bean Mix recipe? Submit your recipe and it may end up in our recipe blog or on the new jars!