Sensational Soups

Curried White Beans

Curry has a vibrant and colorful flavor that makes it wholly unique. While you see these flavors often paired with proteins like chicken or seafood, curry is also the perfect meal vehicle for beans! Great northern beans' smooth and creamy texture and a perfect balance...

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Pinto Bean Fajita Chicken Tacos

With patio season right around the corner, its time for outdoor parties and relaxed dinners! Whether you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo or just a fun summer get-together under the sun, whip up something delicious to serve to your guests! This easy, one pan fajita...

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Tasty Cinco de Mayo Recipes with Beans

Beans are such an important part of Mexican cuisine, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone out there that the Randall family loves celebrating Cinco de Mayo! This holiday is a celebration of Hispanic culture and heritage, so what better way to celebrate than cooking...

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Toasted Garbanzo Bean Salad

Toasted garbanzo beans are one of our favorite crunchy, salty, pop in your mouth, irresistible and surprisingly healthy snacks. They are great for munching everywhere: at work, on the couch, cocktail hour and as a pre-workout energy boost. Our favorite way to eat...

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4-Layer Bean Dip

Great food doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, sometimes the most satisfying dishes are as easy as counting to four. Four is the magic number because that’s the number of layers in this delicious and surprisingly easy to put together skillet bean dip. To get the...

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St. Patrick’s Day Bean Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day is a day all about celebrating the culture of Ireland. What better way than to enjoy some of the iconic flavors of the Emerald Isle! If you are planning a feast of Irish food this year, try some of these fun bean twists on classic St. Patrick’s Day...

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