10 Minute Mixed Bean Soup Recipe

Do you remember how you learned to cook? You might have watched family members in the kitchen as a child or took part in a home economics class in school. Once you got the basics down, you could experiment and try new things. The special touches or seasonal ingredients you add to recipes make them … [Read more...]

Hillbilly Hunter Baked Beans

This no-frills baked beans flavor delivers all the flavor of great beans with none of the fuss. Just chuck everything together into a casserole and serve. It's a very classic baked bean recipe, with lots of brown sugar and sticky molasses, but a hint of mustard adds an acidic note that keeps things … [Read more...]

Mixed Bean Tailgate Salad with Tuna

You know fall is here when you're bonding with friends and family in the parking lot before the big game. Serious tailgaters have an arsenal of equipment to enhance the game day experience: folding chairs, binoculars, coolers, canopies, team shirts and more. However, the true skill of a hardcore … [Read more...]

Light And Elegant Bean Soup

This flavorful bean soup recipe is a great addition to anyone’s healthy eating regimen. Make it ahead and reheat for even better flavor. A fresh herb garden can go a long way in any recipe as shown with this particular recipe. The addition of thyme, bay leaves and parsley give a fresh aroma that … [Read more...]

Randall Bean Spread

As we move closer to fall, it's time to bust out the chips, dips and finger foods. This simple and easy bean spread is the perfect addition to any get-together. Perfect for sharing, just blend your favorite Randall beans with pepper, onion, herbs and spices until smooth. Set out some crackers and … [Read more...]

Mixed Bean Salad with a Touch of Honey

Every time you see a honey bee fly by you should say, "thank you, pollinator!" Honey bees are responsible not just for making honey and wax but for pollinating crops like apples, broccoli, melons, blueberries, cherries and almonds. Both the crop quality and the yield would not be nearly as great … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Mixed Bean Salad Powers Athletes to Victory

There are few other foods that manage to fit so much nutrition into such a small package, making them the perfect food for prepping for an athletic event. Not only does the protein in beans give you lots of energy to run, jump and pull your hardest, it also helps build lean muscle mass, critical for … [Read more...]

Zesty Bean Salad

This light and flavorful bean salad is a great choice for using some of the spices and vegetables you get fresh from a summer farmers market. Parsley, onion and garlic all work together to add a flavorful base to the salad while fresh lemon juice gives it that hint of summer citrus. The cayenne is a … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Seafood Casserole with Mixed Beans

You may or may not have thought about how well beans and seafood go together, but we have! This recipe calls for fresh fish and shrimp, great if you can catch 'em! Getting the fresh catch for your local market or seafood place works great, too. The flaky white fish is a heart and brain healthy, a … [Read more...]

Avocado Bean Salad

These days, it's pretty much always avocado season.  But they sure do taste extra delicious in the summer! For an easy summer salad, grab some ripe avocados and a jar of Randall's Mixed Beans and you have yourself a new kind of bean salad -- one that's creamy and full of flavor. This avocado bean … [Read more...]