We all know that beans taste great, but did you know eating beans might just save your life? New research indicates that a diet high in magnesium can significantly reduce your risk of stroke. Beans are one of the best sources of magnesium, with a cup of cooked pinto beans offering 94 milligrams of magnesium, while white beans offer a whopping 134 milligrams per cup.  Research indicates that eating just 100 extra milligrams a day can reduce your risk of stroke by up to 8%.

Doctors believe that getting your dose of magnesium through food is better than taking a vitamin. So to really up your daily intake, try white beans with spinach (147 milligrams of magnesium) and pine nuts (132 milligrams), or pinto beans with okra (94 milligrams). Yum!

Great Northern White Beans are an important part of a healthy diet that can be used to lower your blood pressure