Nicole - Headshot

Without our awesome food bloggers, we wouldn’t be able to bring you new and creative recipes every week featuring Randall Beans. We’re highlighting some of our recipe contributors to learn a little more about them – today’s featured blogger is Nicole of Yes to Yum.




Minneapolis, MN

How did you get started creating recipes?

I started to create recipes out of necessity when I moved out of my hometown to go to college. I went from cooking for a lot of people to searching for recipes to make for just myself. As time went on, I started to customize them and change them to fit my needs and use the ingredients I had on hand. Eventually, I became confident enough in my knowledge of cooking to start creating my own recipes.

What’s your favorite type of food to make?

I enjoy making homemade breads the most. The process takes longer than a typical recipe, but I find it relaxing (and rewarding)! Bread is something so common, but when it’s homemade it can make any meal feel a little extra special.

How do you get the inspiration for the recipes you create?

I’m often inspired by seasonal ingredients to guide the recipes that I create. I also enjoy flipping through old cookbooks and magazines to search for ideas. I find myself drawn to traditional recipes that have stood the test of time. Oftentimes, I look for ways to make a recipe easier to prepare, add an unexpected twist, or even just make it a bit healthier.

Do you have a recipe that you’ve created that is your favorite?

One of my favorite recipes is the Low Fat Black Bean & Beef Taquitos that I created for Randall Beans. I love them because they can be easily adapted to fit just about any diet and are infinitely customizable. I often change up the dipping sauces and salsas that I serve with them each time I make them.

Whose cooking are you most inspired by?

I’m always inspired the recipes made by my dad because he does a great job of adapting classic recipes in an approachable way. Though it’s fun to flip through magazines with recipes that feature a laundry list of trendy ingredients, I always gravitate towards food that is more approachable.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate beans into a recipe?

I like to use beans in my recipes to give them a little more heft, oftentimes replacing the meat in a recipe. Stirring them into soups and casseroles is an easy way to add extra fiber and more flavor to hearty recipes, especially as we approach the cool winter months.