If you’re like us here at Randall Beans, you made the decision to make 2016 a healthier year. Whether it’s through small changes in your diet or a total overhaul of your eating habits, beans can help you fulfill your resolutions for 2016, and it’s one of the reasons the U.N. declared 2016 to be The Year of Pulses. For those who’ve decided to make drastic changes to their diets, like new vegetarians or vegans, meal ideas can be hard to come by. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite vegetarian & vegan recipes from the Randall recipe archives – take a look!


Vegan Tacos with Randall Pinto Beans

Starting off with a completely vegan recipe, Randall Pinto Bean tacos are a simple yet tasty introduction to a meatless world. Along with the natural flavor of our pinto beans, a unique blend of chili powder, cumin, paprika and ground red chipotle give a zest and a heat sure to satisfy any lover of Mexican food. The blend also makes for a great base in just about any Mexican dish, be it quesadillas or fajitas as well. For those who are vegetarian but not vegan, your topping options can be expanded with your choice of cheese and sour cream.


Three Bean Minestrone

This vegetarian soup is a triple threat: simple to make, quick (less than 30 minutes prep and cooking time), and absolutely tasty. After a quick saute of your vegetables, all it takes is 25 minutes in a soup pot to take you to Italian flavor heaven. For the shrewd chef, nearly any vegetable can be added to your minestrone, given a proper saute and seasoning. If you’re the kind to plan your meals a week in advance, this minestrone is also a winner, as it arguably tastes better the second or third day of leftovers!


Stuffed Portabella Caps

Stuffed mushroom caps may seem daunting to less experienced chefs, but this simple vegetarian recipe for stuffed portabellas are the perfect intro to making them. This deceptively simple recipe features a mixture of mixed beans, tomato and a blend of spices covered with melted mozzarella cheese for a delicious meeting of earthy, sweet and savory. Easily take this vegetarian dish into vegan territory by simply omitting the cheese from the top!