BRCF-RIBBON-2016_LOIS-240x300Randall Beans believes that the hard work put in by others should always be acknowledged. Because of this, we are proud to announce it will be a sponsor for the 10th Annual Blue Ribbon Country Fair at the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center on Saturday, September 24.

Randall first heard about the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center from one of our own! Brad Bowers, one of our growers and a member of the board of directors at the center, has a relative, John Keeble, who is one of the centers’ volunteers. He told us all about the unique opportunity they offer visitors and realized it was right up our alley. When they asked if we would be a sponsor for one of their biggest events of the year we jumped right on board.

The festival, located in Townsend, Tennessee, will feature livestock and antique tractor exhibits, arts and crafts as well as competitions in vegetables and produce, woodworking, baked goods and more! Contests such as Hog Calling, Rooster Crowing, the Lodge Ladies Skillet Throw and Catch the Greased Pig are bound to be a hoot to behold!

Live demonstrations, like Open Hearth Cooking are sure to give you a few unique ideas when preparing your next dish with Randall Beans!

Live in Blount County, the state of Tennessee or just looking for a weekend getaway? The Blue Ribbon Country Fair is sure to be fun for the whole family!



Randall Beans will be sponsoring the vegetable and produce competition. This category will feature showcases such as best tomatoes, best peppers, biggest pumpkin and biggest tomato and much more! The competition will be open to all ages with Best of Show winners awarded a special ribbon and a $30 cash prize. Keep an eye out for pictures on our website and Facebook page!




About the Center

The Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center, a non-profit, is a museum dedicated to honoring early settlers and inhabitants of the Great Smoky Mountain region, including the earliest settlers – the Native Americans. Opened in February of 2006, the center’s mission is to preserve, protect and promote the history and culture of those that once inhabited and settled the Great Smoky Mountain region. The Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center hosts numerous events, concerts and is headlined by the yearly Blue Ribbon Country Fair.

Head over to the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center website to learn more about them, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities or to plan your visit!


Randall looks to make this the first of many years to come helping with the Blue Ribbon Country Fair and could not be more excited about it. Come join us, won’t you?