white bean pumpkin blondies 3

October is here and Halloween is in the air. But, things feel a little different this year. With the coronavirus pandemic going on, there aren’t likely to be too many trick-or-treaters out and about this year, which is unfortunate and sad. 

Whether you have a house with kids disappointed about having to miss out on getting their bag full of candy or are going to miss out on handing out candy, this year’s circumstances don’t mean we should have to lose out on enjoying some delicious Halloween treats! 

One up that bag of store-bought candy by whipping up some delicious, and surprisingly healthy, Halloween desserts using Randall Beans (yup, beans really can do it all)! But don’t worry, beans used in dessert recipes won’t taste like beans. They are there to provide a healthier substitute to a dough or batter made with flour.

Kids will love these baked Halloween treats on their Halloween night in, and they are perfect for enjoying while you watch your favorite spooky Halloween movie!

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Have you ever tried making aquafaba? This vegan egg white substitute is used by, get this, whipping the bean liquid leftover in a jar of beans, most commonly garbanzo beans. When whipped, the liquid eventually gets stiff peaks like whipped cream and can be used in dessert recipes to substitute egg whites, make meringue, and mousse. This recipe from Bianca Zapatka uses aquafaba to make a delightful chocolate mousse to provide you comfort during even the scariest of movies.

White Bean Pumpkin Blondies

What flavor is more associated with October than pumpkin? You’ve got your Jack-O-Lanterns carved, so why not add a pumpkin-flavored treat to your Halloween spread? These pumpkin blondies made with Randall Beans white beans are prepared in a breeze and pack all the delicious flavor of a pumpkin bar but with much, much less sugar and much more protein so you and the kids can enjoy with less guilt.

Flourless Apple Cinnamon Chickpea Cookies

Much like pumpkin, apples and cinnamon are one of our favorite fall flavor combos. From apple pie to apple cider, those flavors together just fill you with such warmth and happy memories. That is why these apple cinnamon cookies from Hummusapien are perfect for Halloween. Garbanzo beans help create a protein-packed batter substitute so you don’t have to use any flour in this recipe. With a morsel of apple bits and dates in every bite providing a burst of sweetness, these fall cookies can be pretty addicting, so make sure you make enough for everyone!

Black Bean Holiday Truffle Bites

These no-bake black bean truffle bites are the perfect holiday treat, regardless of the time of year! These little morsels are moist, full of flavor, and encapsulated in a layer of chocolate that makes the perfect layer for customization. Decorate these little treats up with some candy corn or autumn-colored sprinkles for some tasty Halloween fun.

Black Bean Cookies

Not all dessert recipes have to be over the top. Sometimes you just want a cookie, you know? Well, ok maybe this black bean cookie recipe from Running to the Kitchen isn’t as simple as your eyes might think. After you take your first bite and enjoy a rush of peanut butter filling, you’ll find out why! Gluten-free and nutritious, these black bean cookies are the perfect Halloween color combo!

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