Do I Need to Rinse and Drain My Beans?

One of the great things about beans is how versatile they are. Not only can they work in a variety of dishes and styles, but just about anyone who can turn on a stove can cook with beans. One question we sometimes receive from newer chefs is "Do I need to rinse my beans?" To seasoned veterans of the … [Read more...]

What Makes Our Glass Jars Special?

Perched on the grocery store shelf, our signature glass jar has endless stories to share with shoppers. Our glass jars have been a staple for Randall Beans, since the beginning over 130 years ago. Now over a century later, our customers are still presented with the same glass jars. Why is this? What … [Read more...]

Why We Use Glass Jars for Our Beans

Randall Beans are known for their distinctive glass jars. While once common, today Randall Beans is one of the only brands of cooked beans to use glass jars. Why does a simple jar matter so much? Turns out, it can make a big difference. It might sound crazy, but glass jars can be good for your … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Beans?

Randall Beans are a natural food that includes only the best ingredients we can find. Our beans include only four ingredients: fully cooked beans, water, sugar and salt. That's it. No hidden preservatives, no gunky chemicals. Just delicious beans ready for you and your family to eat and … [Read more...]

Mixed Beans Nutritional Information

Our mixed beans contain only the choicest beans, cooked simply and ready for your table. Find out more about the nutrition that's included in every jar of Randall Beans Deluxe Mixed … [Read more...]

Pinto Beans Nutritional Information

What's in our delicious and healthy pinto beans? Only the best ingredients. Check out the nutrition that's packed into ever jar of Randall Beans pinto beans:                       Ingredients: Cooked … [Read more...]

Great Northern White Beans Nutritional Information

Just how healthy are our beans? Check out the full nutritional information on Randall Beans' great northern white beans:                       Ingredients: Cooked beans, water, salt, sugar … [Read more...]

Why don’t Randall Beans have a “Sell by” or “Best By” date on them

The US Food and Drug Administration requires us to put on our jar a "produced on" date, but not a "sell by" or "best by"  date.  Here's why: Randall beans are some of the very few food products that the US FDA certifies as being "commercially sterile" (ie as sterile as, say, surgical instruments). … [Read more...]

What does the code mean on the neck of the jar?

The code on the jar of Randall products tells you (and us) when and where the jar of beans was produced.  We are required by the US Food and Drug Administration to put this code on each jar.   A typical code looks like this:  TGN12001AA .   The first letter is for the production … [Read more...]

Where is your plant located?

The company’s headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, but all production is still performed in Tekonsha, Michigan. … [Read more...]